Affordable Education

Cost and Overview

Here at BCA Ministry College, we realize the cost of college can be expensive and so does Northwest University. That is why we have partnered together to offer an affordable program that allows students to take courses from a private Christian institution at an affordable cost. 

For students interested in housing check out the link below to see our housing recommendations:

One Year Cost

Full Time / $9,250

 Includes the cost of: 

  • Associate of Arts Two-Year Degree Program
  • 30 NU Credits/Year  
  • Bethany Christian Assembly Ministry Internship Training
  • 3 FREE Internship credits a semester
  • All Camps, Conferences, and Retreat cost covered


Even though the cost of tuition is already competitive to that of a typical community college, BCA Ministry College and Northwest University want to make it even easier for students to afford Ministry College. That is why we allow every student to use any federal financial aid that is received through the FAFSA. To apply for the FAFSA online click the link below to begin your application.